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Champions of the Wild (1997–2002)

Full Cast & Crew

Series Directed by

Chris Aikenhead (20 episodes, 1997-2001)
Christian Bruyère (16 episodes, 1997-2001)
Peter von Puttkamer (5 episodes, 1999-2002)
Ian Herring (2 episodes)
Jack Silberman (2 episodes)
Anthony Perzel (1 episode)
Andrew Gardner (unknown episodes)
Gary Marcuse (unknown episodes)
Denise Withers (unknown episodes)

Series Writing Credits

Chris Aikenhead (20 episodes, 1997-2001)
Christian Bruyère (16 episodes, 1997-2001)
Andrew Gardner (7 episodes)
Peter von Puttkamer (3 episodes, 1999-2002)

Series Cast

Andrew Gardner Andrew Gardner
 Narrator (5 episodes)
Jim Cosgrove Jim Cosgrove
(1 episode, 2002)
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Series Produced by

Christian Bruyère producer (17 episodes, 1997-2002)
Ian Herring producer (5 episodes)
George Johnson producer (5 episodes)
Michael Chechik executive producer (1 episode, 2002)

Series Music by

Graeme Coleman (31 episodes, 1999-2002)
Michael Conway Baker (11 episodes, 1998-2002)

Series Cinematography by

Rudolf Kovanic (4 episodes, 1998)
Bill Schmalz (2 episodes)
Rolf Cutts (1 episode, 2002)
Mario Benassi (1 episode)
Luke Morrison (1 episode)
Douglas Steele (1 episode)
Jeff Turner (1 episode)
Jim Steele (unknown episodes)

Series Film Editing by

Chris Aikenhead (20 episodes, 1997-2001)
Janice Brown (3 episodes)
Michael John Bateman (2 episodes, 1998)
Peter von Puttkamer (1 episode, 2002)
Jana Fritsch (1 episode)
Havelock Gradidge (1 episode)
Peter Svab (1 episode)
Jason Margolis (unknown episodes)
Jane Morrison (unknown episodes)
Jeanne Slater (unknown episodes)

Series Sound Department

Chris Aikenhead sound recordist / sound (20 episodes, 1997-2001)
Jim Harrington foley artist (19 episodes, 1999-2001)
Jeff Henschel sound recordist (3 episodes, 2002)
Ian Herring sound (3 episodes)
Ian Challis sound (1 episode, 1998)
Gary A. Bruckner sound (1 episode)
Ewan Deane sound re-recording mixer (1 episode)
Mark DeSimone narration recording engineer (1 episode)
George Lyske sound (1 episode)
Brent Marchenski sound (1 episode)
Dave Stephens sound editor (1 episode)
Jim Ursulak sound (1 episode)
Jeff Davis sound effects editor (unknown episodes)
Rusty Dunn foley recordist (unknown episodes)

Series Camera and Electrical Department

Peter Zuccarini underwater cinematographer (2 episodes, 1998)
Douglas Steele camera operator (1 episode, 1998)

Series Editorial Department

Ryan Hogan final colorist (6 episodes, 2000-2001)
Richard Trus facility post producer (1 episode, 1999)
Doug Woods on-line editor (1 episode, 1999)

Series Music Department

Shawn Pierce music editor (5 episodes, 2002)

Series Other crew

Tiffany McFarlane production coordinator (unknown episodes)

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