Ed, Edd, Eddy Richard Trus Canada The Ed-Touchables/Nagged to Ed

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Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

Danny Antonucci

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Danny Antonucci (creator)
Danny Antonucci (written by)
Jono Howard (writer)
Mike Kubat (writer)

Cast (in credits order)

Matt Hill Matt Hill
Ed (voice)
Sam Vincent Sam Vincent
Edd (voice) (as Samuel Vincent)
Tony Sampson Tony Sampson
Eddy (voice)
Keenan Christenson Keenan Christenson
Jimmy (voice)
Janyse Jaud Janyse Jaud
Sarah / Lee Kanker (voice)
Kathleen Barr Kathleen Barr
Kevin / Marie Kanker (voice)
David-Paul Grove David-Paul Grove
Jonny 2×4 (voice) (as Buck)
Erin Fitzgerald Erin Fitzgerald
May Kanker (voice)
Peter Kelamis Peter Kelamis
Rolf (voice)
Tabitha St. Germain Tabitha St. Germain
Nazz (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Tommy Karlsen Tommy Karlsen
Eddy (voice)

Produced by

Danny Antonucci executive producer
Samantha Daley producer
Christine Danzo line producer (as Christine L. Danzo)
Bill Schultz supervising producer: Cartoon Network
Ruth Vincent associate producer

Music by

Patric Caird

Film Editing by

Ken Cathro

Art Direction by

Danny Antonucci

Production Management

Jay Bastian executive in charge of production
Khaki Jones executive in charge of production
Linda Simensky executive in charge of production
Dan Sioui production manager
A.J. Ullman post-production supervisor

Art Department

Jeff Barker storyboard artist
Trevor Bentley prop designer
Kathy Boake designer: title card
Rob Boutilier storyboard artist
Angus Bungay prop designer
Joel Dickie storyboard artist
J. Falconer storyboard director
Sassan Filsoof junior storyboard artist
Gerry Fournier storyboard artist
D. Brad Gibson junior storyboard artist
Mike Grimshaw storyboard timer
Jason Horychun storyboard artist
Karen J. Lloyd storyboard artist (as Karen Lloyd)
Dave Mah storyboard artist
Jilly Mentiply props coordinator
‘Big’ Jim Miller storyboard artist
Olaf Miller prop designer
Timothy Packford junior storyboard artist
Pat Pakula junior storyboard artist
Anik Rosenblum junior storyboard artist
Conrad Schmidt storyboard artist
Jay Surridge storyboard artist (as Jason Surridge)
Jayson Thiessen junior storyboard artist
Cory Toomey prop designer
Scott Underwood storyboard artist
Leah Waldron storyboard artist
James Wootton storyboard artist
Bill Zeats storyboard artist

Sound Department

Maija Burnett dialogue editor
Kris Fenske sound effects editor
Dean Giammarco sound effects editor
Johnny Ludgate dialogue editor
Sheena Macrae sound effects editor
Brendan Ostrander dialogue editor
Bill Sheppard sound designer
Kerry Uchida sound designer / sound editor

Animation Department

Scott Arnold exposure sheet director
Sheldon Arnst animation supervisor
Paul Boyd animator: main titles / director: title sequence
Darren Brereton exposure sheet director
Angus Bungay ink artist
Sarmud Burglet exposure sheet director
Young-Hee Byun animation director
Rod Filbrandt background designer
Victor Glasko animation supervisor
John Han animation director
Jin Sung Hong animation director
Ginny Ivanicki background color
Yu-sik Jang animation director
Sheranne Johnson exposure sheet director (as Sherann Johnson)
Al Kang story artist
Jee-hyun Kim exposure sheet director
Kwang Jin Kim animation director
Chul Ki Kwon animation director
Catherine Luker animation timer
Marlene Robinson May exposure sheet director / supervising animation director
Sean Newton exposure sheet director
Dongkwon Park animation director
J.C. Park animation director
Yank Ho Park animation director
Brian Ray exposure sheet director
Bonni Reid color designer
Hayley Rose exposure sheet director
Alex Saiya exposure sheet director
Eda Soong animation supervisor
Tim Stuby animator: title sequence
Yann Tremblay animator

Editorial Department

Ken Cathro avid editor
Kylie Ellis post-production coordinator
Joseph Fitzpatrick avid editor (as Joe Fitzpatrick)
Richard Trus facility post producer (1999)

Music Department

Shawn Pierce music recording engineer

Other crew

Danny Antonucci story editor
Chantal Hennessey production coordinator
Ji-Yeon Hong production coordinator
Terry Klassen voice director
Dan Sioui production coordinator

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