Desert Mummies of Peru Richard Trus Canada

Desert Mummies of Peru (2000 TV Movie)

Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

Amy Bucher


Benjamin Bratt Benjamin Bratt
Sonia Guillen Sonia Guillen

Produced by

Amy Bucher producer
Monika Cebulla associate producer
Steven Engel executive producer
Gaynelle Evans executive producer

Music by

Marc Engel

Cinematography by

Jeff Baker
Larry Engel
Michael Mayers

Film Editing by

Ed Greene
Lora Hays

Art Department

Jesse Gordon graphic design manager

Visual Effects by

Richard Trus facility manager / vfx supervisor

Animation Department

Richard Trus chief animation director

Editorial Department

Richard Trus facility post producer

Other crew

Nicole Page development executive / production attorney
Helen D. ‘Heidi’ Reavis legal advisor

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