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Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Image hosting service
Registration Optional (required for uploading files)
Available in English
Owner Photobucket Corporation
Created by Alex Welch, Darren Crystal
Launched 2003
Alexa rank negative increase 198 (April 2013)[1]
Current status Active

Photobucket is an image hosting and video hosting website, web servicessuite, and online community dedicated to preserving and sharing the entire photo and video lifecycle. Photobucket hosts more than 10 billion images from 100 million registered members, who upload more than four million images and videos per day from the Web and connected digital devices. Photobucket’s headquarters are in Denver with regional offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.. The website was founded in 2003 by Alex Welch and Darren Crystal and received funding from Trinity Ventures.[2][3] It was acquired by Fox Interactive Media in 2007. In December 2009, Fox’s parent company, News Corp sold Photobucket to Seattle mobile imaging startup Ontela. Ontela then renamed itself Photobucket Inc. and continues to operate as Photobucket.[4]

Photobucket is widely used for both personal and business purposes. Links from personal Photobucket accounts are often used for avatars displayed oninternet forums, storage of videos, embedding on blogs, and distribution in social networks. Images hosted on Photobucket are frequently linked to online businesses, online auctions and classified advertisement websites like eBay and Craigslist.

Photobucket Headquarters inDenver, Colorado


Photobucket was founded in 2003 by Alex Welch and Darren Crystal and received funding from Trinity Ventures.[5][6] It was acquired by Fox Interactive Media in 2007.

In December 2009, Fox’s parent company, News Corp sold Photobucket to Seattle mobile imaging startup Ontela. Ontela then renamed itself Photobucket Inc. and continues to operate as Photobucket.[7]

In June 2010, Photobucket was named in the Lead411’s Hottest Seattle Companies list.[8]

Twitter Partnership[edit]

Twitter announced in June 2011 that Photobucket will become the default photo sharing platform for Twitter.[9] According to a report by Sysomos, 2.25M images are shared on Twitter daily, which accounts for 1.25% of all Tweets posted.[10] Just before the announcement, TwitPic and Yfrog were the leading photo-sharing services.[citation needed]



Photobucket offers free and subscription based (Plus) accounts. Free account users receive 2 GB of storage for photo and video uploads, 10 GB of bandwidth for sharing and linking, and unlimited access to Photobucket’s editing, slideshow, and Story features. Plus accounts are structured into storage tiers and offer unlimited bandwidth, use of site features, and anadvertisement free experience.[11]

Plus Subscription pricing:[12]

  • 2 GB – Free
  • 20 GB – $2.99/Month, $29.99/Year
  • 50 GB – $4.99/Month, $49.99/Year
  • 100 GB – $8.99/Month, $89.99/Year
  • 200 GB – $16.99/Month, $169.99/Year
  • 500 GB – $39.99/Month, $399.99/Year

Full Resolution Image Backup[edit]

Photobucket stores the original photo file taken directly from a phone, camera, or computer without compression or resizing. The following image file types are supported by Photobucket: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp (bmp files are converted into png files).[13]


Photobucket supports video uploads of 500 MB or less, and 10 minutes or less. The following video file types are supported: 3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, 3gpp, avi, divx, flv, gif, mov, mp4, mpeg4, mpg4, mpeg, mpg, m4v, and wmv. All video files are converted to mp4 format after uploading.


Sharing of photosvideos, and albums by emailinstant messagingmobile phone, and social media.

Photobucket Stories[edit]

On November 15, 2012 Photobucket announced the availability of “Photobucket Stories” which provides users with an easy new way to combine photos, videos, and text into complete, sharable narratives. Photobucket Stories allows users to easily create and collaborate on living stories by inviting friends and family to contribute photos, video and text to a single, sharable canvas. Once Stories are created, they are easily embeddable on blogs, personal, and brand sites, and can be shared among friends from mobile devices or across Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.[14]


On February 6, 2013 Photobucket announced a partnership with Aviary, an image editing application suite.


Photobucket has three privacy options for albums: public, private, and password protected privacy.


When an album is public:

  • Photos and videos that have tags, titles, or descriptions display in Photobucket search results when someone searches for the terms in the tags, titles, or descriptions. NA as of March 18th, 2013
  • Photos in the album may appear in other search engines like Google or Bing.
  • Users can follow linked photos on other sites back to albums and browse other photos in the album. NA as of March 18th, 2013
  • Photos recently uploaded to the album appear on Profile page. NA as of March 18th, 2013
  • Images will appear on the Photobucket Community page. NA as of March 18th, 2013


When an album is private:

  • Photos and videos in the album do not display in Photobucket search results.
  • Account followers will not see photos uploaded to the album.
  • Images uploaded to the album will not display on the user Profile page.

Password Protected Privacy[edit]

When an album is password protected:

  • Users enter the password in order to view the album.
  • If someone searches for a username, they cannot access password protected albums unless they have a guest password.
  • Content will not display in search results.[15]


Although it is possible to set Photobucket albums to ‘private’, this does not prevent the photos within being accessed by someone who knows or can guess the URL. Programs called fuskers exist which can test for likely photo URLs. This has led to ‘private’ photos on Photobucket being downloaded and distributed elsewhere on the Internet without the consent of their uploaders.[16][17]

Photobucket monitors suspicious activity to track for possible fuskers. However the easiest way to protect your content is to scramble the links to your photos and videos. Unless users have a need to preserve original file names, Photobucket recommends that users select this option to scramble both past and future uploads.[18]

Since Photobucket does not allow sexually explicit or objectionable content, they may remove content at their discretion due to violations of their terms of service.[19]

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